Ardh shakti Vyaayaam..!

Do you know Ayurveda recommends Ardh shakti vyaayaam, that means doing exercise at the capacity half of your body capacity.
But dont we do the opposite?
We go out of the way to take heavy weights, we keep on gyming till we drain completely, we don’t bother how much our head is sweating where it has been mentioned in Granthas that you should immediately stop exercising once your head starts sweating
Many of you may not like this post but this is the fact. I keep requesting to treat your body well. Don’t torture it.
Do Exercise regularly but at adequate levels and moderate intensity
Work out till you enjoy the workout. Stop it when it becomes pain
Outsource fat burning upto a limit. Let your body have a natural metabolism and natural mechanism to burn fat
Everything is good but excess of everything turns to be bad one day.
Problems come even when vitmanis are excess or deficit
Diet is excess or less
Calcium is extra stored or deficit.

Every good thing also becomes harmful if it is in excess
Understand and implement
Love yourself ❤️

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