Assignment – Day 13


Magical Scripting

You will write your future in present tense as you have already recieved it. 

You can write about anything you want to manifest! 

This isn’t an autobiography though; you don’t have to include your whole life story here. This is a detailed 

journal entry, that you make, as if you were already living your dream life.

You’re going to be as detailed as possible, using your five senses to help you really step into this version of your life that you want to be a reality. I encourage using details because it helps take you into the scene that you’re writing about, and it helps you get to feeling as if that were happening right now.

Scripting is supposed to be SUPER fun! If you’re not feeling good and joyful at some point during your scripting, 

you are not making the details exciting enough! 

This step is your opportunity to experience your manifestation in real life. By scripting your entry and using 

details, you will transport yourself into that desired reality.

I encourage you to write for a few minutes because the longer you are in this scripted reality, the more you vibrate a frequency of that which you desire to manifest, and that frequency is what will cause that scripted 

entry to become REAL! 

You can write about anything you want! How it feels to be in your new car, the awesome vacation you desire and what you’re spending your millions on, or my favorite- scripting my ideal day. In 

this entry, I literally write out my ideal day, as if it’s currently happening and I’m just documenting the details of 

my freaking awesome day! 

It looks like this:

Today is the best day ever! I can see from here, the snow falling outside my window. My god it’s so beautiful 

here! Thank you God for guiding us here. This home, the ranch, the people, everything here is so dang perfect! 

It’s like a Hallmark movie, but it’s my real life! I love it! It’s everything I ever wanted! Time to put on my 

Lululemon workout clothes! Wow, I  look so good in these. Yes, yes I am in my perfect shape! 

 Yay! We get to go on a family hike with our snowshoes! Oh this is going to be so fun! I love our winter gear. It keeps us feeling warm the entire time! Let’s go! 

Today’s day out was so much fun! How 

lucky am I? I get to spend three hours having fun with the family, and now here I am, with my delicious, warm 

mug of hot cocoa, answering some emails and writing an inspired post. I spend maybe, MAYBE, 2 hours a day 

on “work” and still, I make at least a grand a day. So cool! Thank you Universe for all of this abundance 

and prosperity. This is such a dream come true! 

You see how I just rift? I just write about the day and its activities as if it’s happening. As I’m writing, I can 

literally SEE and FEEL this life! It seems just as real to me as the one I am currently living.

With practice, you will develop this ability as well. But it takes time so don’t give up!

 Show up and do the work 

that helps you get where you want to be. Wishy-washy and half-heart efforts, produces wishy-washy and half-heart


This formula works if you implement what you’re learning. Please don’t let your learning lead to more 

learning. Do something with this information and with practice, you will be a manifesting and attraction ROCK 


When you’re scripting, you are in what’s called “pure positive focus” and my goodness, while you’re in this 

place, the universe is hard at work, joyously aligning to you all things that match your vibration. When you’re in 

this pure positive focus, while you’re having fun with scripting, the universe is currently working to bring to 

you all your desired manifestations. It has been supercharged and because the other steps in this manifesting 

formula have already activated it, it is only a matter of (short) time before you feel, see, and experience a 

whole new world! 

So start with scripting of your this week’s desire.

Get back with results❤😘🙏🏻

 This scripting is to raise your vibrations. Today’s meditation is also to raise your vibrations.

Many times you feel low and you don’t know what to do. 

I will just suggest don’t skip meditation. Raise your vibrations and switch on your mood using this meditation I am sending now🤗

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