Assignment – Day 14

 Many times we wonder, if we can help someone to heal. When they are not ready to heal themselves or sometimes they may not see the way out from their situations. We can actually heal them by sending our powerful healing heart energy. You will feel better when you will meditate on this. 

Think of one person you want to send your healing.

Also, this can be done when there is a discord and you want to heal that relationship. It works telepathically as energy travels faster than light❤

 Make sure you come from  best vibration when you try to heal someone else. If you are on low vibrations, then low frequency energy will be sent from you so better idea is to do Raise Your Vibrations meditation before this one to get the best results.

You can use this meditation to heal a disease in someone or emotional disturbances or depression


The person whom you are planning to send this energy through this Meditation, 

You have to write five outcomes you want from this meditation and then you start the meditation

It is called intention setting

We have maximum benefit of meditation when you set your intentions

You can send this energy to your child, parent, partner, friend or sibling or anyone you feel in need 

Focus on the intention before the meditation and you will receive instant results of the meditation

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