Assignment – Day 19

We all have people in our life who work as triggers to us. Sometimes to an extent that we don’t even want to see them and bear them. 

And sometimes there are some situations which we are fearful for but we cannot share our fears and insecurities with anyone. Most of the time they are related to our past.  Today’s assignment is very interesting and a new assignment to help in such cases. It’s name is Bin-Bin from book Energy Shifters.

Bin-Bin:  This practice will prove to be useful to those who have had breakups, divorce, or any relationship issues in their past. Especially for those who are finding it difficult to move on from the past and keep munching the same thought over and again. ​

Buy sticky notes and keep them handy in your handbag or backpack. Whenever the thought of the past crops up and makes you unhappy, BLESS THEM (yes, you read it right, BLESS THEM). Take a sticky note, write the person’s name on it, find a bin, and throw the leaf of paper. Now, you might be laughing at the thought that you bless someone and then trash them in the bin.

 Pause and read these: 

1. Your blessings will bring about a feel-good factor to you and ease down your hard feelings 

2. When you threw the paper into the bin, you let go of bad memories from your heart, which kept pricking your soul all the time. It becomes a win-win for both, and so I’ve decided to call it bin-bin!

Do it for next three days and post the results how your energy shifts❣😊

Today’s meditation is quite different from the assignment but yes its purpose is same as of BinBin

Cleaning and cleansing😇

Enjoy this general relationship Hooponopono meditation

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