Assignment- Day 2

*Thoughts Tagging*

Focus on breathing.  Keep your hand on your abdomen. When you inhale, your stomach should come out and when you release, it should go in. Now you know what you have to do is focus on  these two movements of breathing 

Now fix a timer of 20 seconds and focus on this pattern of breathing. Whenever any thought arises, tag it as a past, present, image thought, future thought, fear thought or useless thought 

Repeat same by creating timers of 30 secs, 40 secs, 50 secs and 1 minute. 

That’s ok if you get carried away with thought, don’t interrupt and don’t open your eyes.  keep breathing. 

Do this 2 minute exercise every morning for next 90 days to become mindful and then you will start tagging your thoughts in all situations. You will become a mindful person 😊❤️

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