Assignment – Day 20

Health Visualization:

Health is something which once lost, cannot be retained back at same level. Money is possible to earn back, job is possible to earn back but not health and time. In today’s stressful times, we all suffer from one health issue atleast.lets try to resolve it today with this visualization technique.


Health Scenario: You are suffering from back pain for several months now.

 Issue: All the time, you keep focusing on your pain and keep sharing about your pain with your friends. Doing this multiplies the intensity of your pain. Your conscious mind says, “I had a tablet and it is not helping reduce the pain.” You always have the “why” questions on your mind and you are filled with self-doubt and the intensity of the pain. 

Solution: Never focus on the pain. Be happy for nothing. Happiness heals. Watch comedy clips and laugh out loud. Laughter and happiness are the best medicines for any pain, be it physical or mental. Also, focus on the result, in this case, it is painless, perfect health.

 Visualize: ( only on Result) what would you be doing once your back is healed! You will walk faster in that staircase; most importantly, you would be able to touch your toes without any pain in your back. While taking a shower, I would ask you to touch your back and feel it has healed and is now stronger than ever. By focusing on a healthy body in your mental state, your physical body will start healing itself.

Do it today. I am doing it with my arm today. Nurture your physical pain body today and enjoy this healing meditation.

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