Assignment – Day 21

Visualisation techniques

There are two assignments today and two meditations.

You can do them in a single day too but it will be preferable to do them one by one on first time

1. First assignment: Write in your journal where do you want to see yourself in next 3 to five years. Write very clearly in terms of relations, money, career, house, car, job every details. Write in present tense and do the following meditation.

 Assignment 2

 Create your own meditation.


You are going to choose and create your affirmations in three areas :

Love and relationships

Money and career

Health for yourself and all

All in present tense

Create as many affirmations in each of the following area as you want. 

And  I am post ing a music which you will play and read your affirmation one by one and will visualise them after reading each affirmation

That’s gonna be life changing experience I can assure you

So be ready to create your affirmations❤😊🙏🏻

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