Awareness on Cancer

Sadly, a disease like cancer has taken a toll over our lives more than any other disease. Why is it happening to every one person in four families?
Why was it rare before?
What has made it become such a bomb attack now?
Science hasn’t been able to find one exact reason for cancer.
Neither a specific cure.
That’s really scary and sad.
In such scenario, all we can do is preventive eating!
But question is how?
There are many number of studies which show that there is a compound found in onion and garlic which is called allicin. It kills many diseases, cancer being one of them.
Now if we relate it to older times, you must have heard from your parents that people used to eat their rotis with onions most of the time in absence of any Vegetable.
There was a time in country Siberia, where employer who used to have more garlics, would have more employees because employees used to demand garlic along with their wages as that was the food which was present in their every meal they eat and today too, the country has least number of cancer incidences.
But here is the trick,
Don’t engulp garlic like a tablet. Crush 2-3 cloves or chop it with one or half onion and leave it for five to seven minutes to have enough release of allicin.
Mix spices like pepper, jeera powder and Consume with parantha and tea in your breakfast. Trust me, it tastes very good.

If you cannot eat raw garlic and onion, follow this recipe
Chop 4-5 cloves of garlics and and one onion, Handful coriander, mint leaves and zest of lemon and grind them all together. Don’t forget to put wonder spices like haldi and red pepper.
Eat this chutney in all your meals to prevent lifestyle and life threatening disorders.

Spread the awareness..
Spread life❤️

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