BMR: Basal Metabolic Rate

Every one is aware of this term but I think not every one knows that metabolism and BMR is same.
Ok they are terms used for one thing. I will give you a rough idea what does it actually mean.
BMR means the number of calories our body is burning while at rest.
So the trick is that if you want to lose weight, you need to reduce your calorie intake and equalise the calories taken with calories burnt.
How will that happen?
Calculate the metabolic rate first. There are many tools online to calculate it. You can also calculate it manually by using a basic formula mentioned in books.
Simple formula for females to calculate is

655+(9.6*weight in kg) + (1.8*height in cms) – (4.6*age)

Now when you know your BMR, you have to make sure your calories intake shouldn’t exceed your BMR 🙂 Simple?

Not actually, here the problem is that if your BMR is 1500 and currently you are taking 2500 calories. You cannot immediately start taking 1500 calories.

So you have to start making one change every week. Cutting fewer more calories every week is helpful and shows results.
We will take it further in next post.

Always remember… understand your own body and then go ahead on journey of weight loss.
Never copy diets which someone else followed and lost…every body has its own responses.

So trust your body.
Treat it well
It will love you back:)

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