BMR Continued..

Once you calculated your BMR
Calculate the calories required to maintain your weight. Here is the simple formula
For sedentary people: BMR*1.2= Calories required to maintain current weight
For light activity: BMR*1.375
For very active routine: BMR*1.725

For example: If your BMR is 1500 kcal
And you workout once or twice a week then your calories required to maintain this weight will be
So you know that if you want to lose weight you should start from calories lower than 2062.

That’s not enough to know.
One more trick here is the Nutrients
The Department of Health recommends that 50 per cent of energy should come from carbohydrates
35 per cent from fat
Remaining 15 per cent from protein

So around 1031 calories you should be getting from carbohydrates.
Now you know the basics. You can design your own diet chart.
If you want to refer any app for calories or nutrient values, **Healthify me** is a very good app.
Go ahead and make a balanced diet chart.
Be your own dietician:)
Anyhow you are your own dietician but you must have never thought that you can plan your meals healthily too.
So go ahead and do that now💓

Note: This is not recommended if you are undergoing any treatment for any disease like Diabetes or Heart issues and your doctor has given you a specific diet chart

Always remember:

Always remember
A small kitchen scale for weighing what you eat is more important than human weighing scale in room;)

Love you ladies💖
Stay motivated

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