Breathing is Everything

I always say Breathing is everything.
I believe in that too
Lets talk about breathing on health level today.
Breathing is very very powerful exercise
We take so many antioxidants to achieve good health. Breathing gives an instant access to antioxidants of nature.
Let me tell you very interesting fact about breathing.
1. At one moment, we breathe through one nostril. Check it out. Close one nostril and breathe in from other and then breathe out from same. Repeat with the other nostril. One of them will feel as blocked. That mean right now You are breathing from the unblocked nostril.
Many medicines in ayurveda works when we take it at the time of left nostril breathing. Isn’t it interesting?
That’s why I say Ayurveda is a treasurebox.

2. If you find yourself stressed out, if you are over thinking about about money crunch in life, if any relationship is not working out and it’s giving you mind instability,
Just take a pause from this mess and take a deep breathe in and out.
Best process is breathe in for count of four,
Hold for count of 12 and release for count of 8
Do it right now, you will feel that storm in your mind calm down from rating 10 to 9
Do it again. And keep doing it till you rate it zero 0:)

3. One more important fact about breathing is that it prevents jet lag
Start taking such 10 deep breaths every hour exactly 36 hours before your flight.
For example, you have an international flight at 11pm tomorrow
Start from 11am today. Take breathe in for count of four,
Hold for count of 12 and release for count of 8.
Repeat it for 10 times in every hour.
Put alarms and do it
Also keep doing it in flight
Its a magic. You will not have any hang over or jet lag How much ever long the flight is.

Science behind it says that when you do this procedure, oxygen supply to brain increases by 25%. Result is you feel refreshed, less chances of infarcts in future and you gain the momentum to think and work productively.

We all have residual volume of air in lungs. We don’t exhale complete air in normal breathing. So in this procedure, your exhale is longer than inhale, so you pushing excess residual volume out.

I hope I gave a new and useful information today.
If yes, Type in comments

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