Causes of bad breath and its remedies

Bad breath is often a sign of systemic toxicity, either in the colon, intestine, or mouth. It can
also be due to chronic indigestion or malabsorption.

When digestion is weak or sluggish, thefood you eat undergoes fermentation and putrefaction in the gastrointestinal tract, leading
to the formation of ama, which has a foul smell.
Stand in front of a mirror, and stick out your tongue. If the back portion of the tongue is
coated, that is the sign of ama, which is responsible for the bad breath.
The primary Ayurvedic aim in treating bad breath is to kindle gastric fire (agni), which in
turn burns ama and alleviates the root cause of the condition. Here are several effective
home remedies to prevent and treat bad breath.


• First monitor your diet. It’s important not to eat heavy meals, and to stay away from
cold drinks, ice cream, cheese, and yogurt, all of which reduce the gastric fire and slow
down digestion, with a likely increase of ama.

• Then, after each meal (generally after lunch and dinner), chew about 1 teaspoon of
roasted fennel and cumin seeds (mixed half and half). This will improve digestion, which
indirectly helps to detoxify the colon.

The licorice-flavored fennel seeds alone would be
delicious and helpful, but this mixture will have a better effect.

• Drink ½ cup of aloe vera juice twice a day until freshness is restored to the breath.

• Slowly chewing one or two cardamom seeds also helps to minimize bad breath.
Cardamom aids digestion and helps to reduce ama.
• After each meal, drink a cup of cumin-coriander-fennel tea (equal proportions) as adigestive aid. Steep about ¼ to ½ teaspoon of each herb per cup of hot water.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH AND GUMS. Another cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. It’s important
to clean the teeth after each meal.

Use an Ayurvedic toothpaste containing neem or anherbal formula.
Also use dental floss every day.
Applying some tea tree oil mixed half and
half with neem oil to the gums and gently massaging will help prevent receding gums.
Besure to spit out the residue rather than swallowing.

It seems like a simple issue but it affects the personality, it affects the inclination of peoole towards you
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