Coronavirus Anxiety- How to deal with it..(Part 2)

In continuation with my previous post on Anxiety of Corona Virus:


So much anxiety around the virus…
So much chaos
People messaging and asking so many questions which clearly shows their anxiety levels
Do you even know what this anxiety is doing to you?
It is creating stress in your physical and mental system
Stress is the main cause of inflammation and inflammation leads to Compromising of Immune system
This is the transition of the season. Already flu is common in this season. But When you have weak immune system, you will catch it faster and then you will be more prone to Corona infection too.

So Most important is:

But the facts is

So what to do to deal with it?
No, suppressing the negative thought will create more hussle inside you

So let me give you some tricks to handle the anxiety

1. Notice, forgive and change the thought:

Every thought has equal effect on your body too. Some people when anxious,, feel the anxiety in head, they get headache
Some feel in chest, they get palpitations
Some feel it in stomach, they get loose motions.

So just keep hand over your body part where you feel the reaction of your anxiety
Now, take two to three deep breaths and say “I forgive this thought”

Now replace this thought by a positive thought:

“I have a healthy immune system”
“I take all the precautions”
“I am safe and healthy”

Whatever comes in your mind but only positive thought in a positve way

Don’t say: “I won’t get the corona virus”
Don’t use this word
Only give positive reasons as to why you won’t get

I hope it makes sense.

2. Second is to avoid getting the thoughts.
Maximum thoughts gain the momentum in the night.
So three hours before sleep, turn off the notifications of the news channels and media and don’t scroll to Fb randomly. So that you don’t come across any such news

This is called Sleep Hygeine and this is the most most important step

3. Meditate daily to keep yourself centered.
Close eyes, breathe deeply, feel the aura of your energy around you as your protective shield. Feel for few minutes every morning when you get up
You will feel like saying “I am safe”

Remind yourself about the morning meditation whenever any negative thought comes in your mind.


4. Mindful statement:
When you wash your hands or when you sanitise yourself
Never ever think this way “I am washing my hands so that I don’t get corona virus”

No thats the wrong way to say a statement

Alwyas say, I m washing my hands to keep myself healthy and clean
To keep my immune system strong

Only and only positive statements

Even when you teach your kid to wash hands frequently, never say that wash or else you will catch corona virus
Say sanitise to stay clean
And all.postive reasons you can give to the kids.

5. Last tool is Emotions Freedom technique

Sometimes we are anxious to an extent that nothing comes into the mind except the fear. No trick, no meditation nothing
So that moment use this tool
Start tapping on Gamut point
Not able to attach the pic (please Google the gamut point to know exactly where it is)
It is the point at the bottom between your ring finger and little finger.
Our body has some emotional freedom points where if tapped continously, give an access to the subconscious power of the mind
Say a positive statement while tapping
Like simply say
I am safe
And keep tapping, keep saying
You can tap with any one or two fingers continously

(This can be used for any type of fear by using the opposite statement)

I hope this article made sense
To all of you

Please remember, more centered we stay, more we will see the solutions
(And not the problems)


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