Diabetes After 35 Years of Age

One most important test which must be done once an year if you are not diabetic is HbA1c
It tells us the average of the highest and lowest sugar in last three months. I doesn’t depend on the foods you had one night or one day before. So this cannot give any misinterpreted results

After 35, usually sedentary lifestyle and low sluggish metabolism leads to Prediabetes and then Diabetes without us even being aware
It gets diagnosed when it starts impacting organs like Heart and Kidneys.
So it is better whether you have family history or not, but please get it checked once an year to rule it out when you are in prediabetic state.
Treatments are much easier when you rule it out earlier

Diabetes is underestimated disease. It is not the end of life ofcourse but it is the start of the complications
But if you are mindful enough to understand it, understand what it needs to be prevented to get advanced stage,
Then it is your friend which teaches you lifestyle management with love ❤️

Stay mindfully Healthy
Choose health over Disease

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