Don’t ever hold the urge to urinate.!

Whatever you are doing, don’t ever hold the urge to urinate. You can’t even imagine what damage you are doing to your body by this small act of yours.
Ayurveda (Charak Samhita) has a complete chapter on veg-avrodh-janya diseases(diseases caused by holding urges)
I will take in detail in one of the coming post.
But for now, don’t hold urine and prevent yourself from
1. Urine stones
2. Urine infections
3. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
4. Lower abdomen pain
5. Bloating
6. Fluid Retention (ultimately weight gain)
7. Swelling in body especially feet
8. Scanty periods (yes they are related)
9. Itchy red vagina
10. Pain in vagina lips
11. Bladder descent

The most common problem ladies face after 40 is uncontrolled urine and they pass urine even with sneezing or coughing. This is an after effect of holding urine in age when they had good muscle control

Lets take a pledge:)
Care for yourself:)

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