Few quick tips to attain health fast

1. Your body is a home for your own soul. Keep your home clean from junk food as well as junk thoughts
2. Stay consistent. There is no stress eating. it’s always an excuse eating.
3. Pause your guilt trips. If you broke your diet goal and had junk, thata okay. It’s past now. Focus on coming back on track.
4. Healthy mind stays in healthy body, so healthify your body to stay away from stress.
5. Healthy mind also creates Healthy body, so meditate daily every single day to create a healthy body
First in your thoughts
Then in your goals
Then in your actions
Then at actuals💖

Treat your body well!
Your body has not given up, so don’t give up on your body.
Love yourself :))

Note: Content from my upcoming book so please no copy pasting 

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