Fightback on Corona..!

Fear of CoronaVirus is everywhere.
Definitely, the deadly outcome of this virus is scary. But that is a problem.
We need to work on solutions.
And we have learnt from our childhood, that prevention is better than cure.
Prevention is the best solution.

@Keep your Immune system at best
@Check your Vitamin D and take it’s doses accordingly
If you are deficient, take 60,000 IU dose weekly for eight weeks and if you have sufficient Vitamin D, make a habit of taking one dose in three months.
@Supplement yourself with Vitamin B and C. These are water soluble vitamins so they are never harmful to body even if you take daily.
@Give Calcium to your growing kids
Feed them healthy supplements like Chyawanprash.

Most important, Bless your immune system daily 😊
It is your life guard. It is on its protection work 24 hours for you.
Acknowledge it, Bless it so that it works more efficiently.

Lots of love and health to all ❤️❤️❤️

Image Source: Pinterest

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