Following Clean Eating in Quarantine

We all know that Earth is recovering
Many of us might feel it as a punishment and Many of us are realising that we need to Give Earth it’s time to Heal!
Whatever We, as Humans did to Mother Earth, let’s not do that with out bodies now.
Earth is giving us back
Our bodies shouldn’t give us back like this!

I know we have a feeling that we cannot follow Clean diets in this phase.
But believe me it’s the only time when you can follow it.
You have all the time to cook for yourself
You have all the time to care for your body needs
Let’s respect our body
Listen to it
Understand it’s needs
And it will understand you back❤️

The best way to do it designing your meals one day before
This makes your work even easier when you have a mind map of your meals for complete day

Another issue which everyoneis facing is the lesser availability of ingredients.
But again you can roam around the same ingredients and make different dishes everytime
YouTube can be your friend here:)

For example
Semolina can give you varietyof dishes with Nutrition.
It’s high in B vitamins like thiamine and folate, which have many important roles in your body, including helping convert food into energy.
Additionally, it is a good source of iron and magnesium.
These minerals support red blood cell production, heart health and blood sugar control

Again, Besan can be used for variety of dishes.
It is full of vitamins and minerals, with 1 cup (92 gm) providing 101% of the RDI for folate and over a quarter of your daily needs for several other nutrients.

Summer Season is best to have dahi chawal in lunch. Don’t leave this opportunity ❤️
Ghee-Rice meal
Dhaniya pudina chutney with chawal
Masala rice with Raita
Are some of amazing combinations!

You don’t need any dietitian for this process
Be your own dietician
See what suits your body the best
This phase is best for following Wise Intermittent Plan as People are getting up late in the morning and so two meals plan suits best in this phase😊

Commit yourself today
Commit to your body that you will cleanse it with Natural Diet

Lots of love ❤️❤️

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