Food Label Terminology

Now a days, people are crazy for food terminologies like fat free, low fat, low calorie foods and drinks. But somewhere, we don’t know exactly what do these terms mean.

Imagine what if you know what does it mean by low fat or zero fat, you can read the label and immediately understand whether the claims are true or just a way to promote the product and encash your need to lose weight.

1. Fat free foods: If the total weight of the product is 100gms, fat must not go above 0.15gm.

2. Low fat foods: The total fat content per 100gm must not exceed 5gm or fat per serving should not be more than 5%.
Example if serving is 30gms, fat shouldn’t be more than 1.5gms.

3. Reduced fat foods: Must contain less than 75% of fat content per 100gms than regular alternative. Please note that this option doesn’t make the food healthier but that just means that such food contains lesser fat than any alternative used before

4. Low calorie foods: Must contain no more than 40kcal per 100gms

5. Low calorie drinks: Must contain no more than 10kcal per 100ml.

6. Low fat foods: Products where less than 30% of the calories come from fat.

Always always remember that LOWER fat food doesnt necessarily mean LOW fat, it is just a better option than full fat.

Also that low fat and kow calorie options may have high sugar content and More artificial flavors so are not always HEALTHY alternatives .

Think once before getting attracted to food Terminology that isn’t it easy to eat everything home made but to eat in portions? Rather than dumping yourself with unlimited uncontrolled amount of these unhealthy full of preservatives based options.

Keep thinking till my next post…hehe:)
Stay tuned
Love you all💐

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