Freedom from Running Thoughts on Independence Day

How can you stop running thoughts and inner mind chatter?
A very simple and small tip:

Whenever you have inner mind chatter, running thoughts, they give you stress and anxiety.

Stress and Anxiety leads to: Fast Breathing and Palpitations

Palpitations further leads to more mind chatter and useless thoughts leading to more stress and more anxiety and this Vicious cycle

Now to stop it, suppressing thoughts Never help. Right way to do is reverse engineering.

Whenever you experience fast breathing and restless heart beat…just make it slow. This is voluntary and totally in your hands. Deep slow breathing rounds for just 3-5 minutes will bring down the rate of breathing. Once breathing rate is down, your racing thoughts will also start walking instead of running.
It is very simple…
Regular breathing, Regular thoughts
Fast Breathing, Racing thoughts,
Slow breathing, slow thoughts

And now think if you practice slow and deep breathing daily, it will eventually become your habit that you will have the charge of your thoughts with time.
So you learnt most important Mindfulness tool without diving deep into it

Best time to do this is when you get up and still in bed, few moments of deep slow breathing will shift your energies…
And then before going to bed you can make it a habit and recieve numerous heart benefits❤️

Stay Mindful
Stay at Peace 🎀
Happy Independence Day 😊

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