Fun with Oats !

Oats are very famous low carb meal to lose weight. It is Normally suggested for breakfast option with fruits and milk. I am not an oat lover but I love to try different recipes to make a healthy thing tastier too.
One thing is sure that you cannot eat fruits milk and oats anytime a day.
There is a specific time for fruits and best is empty stomach. So this combo is best if you have it in breakfast.
If you are not a sweet lover and want to have something salty snack with tea in breakfast then you can make Oats Upma.
Please don’t buy ready to make upma. It’s not gonna help you lose weight but will end up in bloating and gases.
Oats in Lunch
Make a khichdi of moong daal and oats just like you make with rice. Fry ginger and garlic pieces in butter or ghee and give the tarhka. It tastes yumms. Rice lover can add rice in ratio:
Oats:Daal: Rice
Now coming to dinner:
We all want to have something light but tastier at the craving time of 7pm which I usually call as a perfect dinner time.
So how to use oats in dinner.
Powder them, add equal sooji, add curd, salt and eno…
Make idlis or dosas
And have them with sambhar and chutney.
You can chose the best time you want to have rolled or steel cut oats and choose the recipe too.
They are light in weight.

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