Many a time, intestinal gas is a cause for humour. But for the person who experiences gas in a public place, it is no longer a laughing matter.
As many as 30 to 40 per cent of people experience bloating and gas, which they attribute to gastric trouble. Most of the patients even refrain complaining about fatulence, excessive belching, increased intestinal gas and bloating to the physician, as they are embarrassed.

Please understand that Our intestines cannot digest everything we eat. The leftovers are passed on to the colon. The processing or fermentation of leftover carbohydrates by the colonic bacteria leads to the formation of intestinal gas.

In ayurveda, fatulence is called as Aadhmaana. Treatment modalities include measures to promote deepana (by carminatives), paachana (by digestives) and vaataanulomana (by gas expellers).

1) Drink a cup of warm water with two drops of peppermint (pudina), cinnamon (daalchini) or ginger extract.

2) Dried ginger and ajwain in equal weights should be steeped in double the quantity of lime-juice, dried and powdered. Add a little black salt to the powder. Two grams should be taken with warm water as and when needed.

3) Tie two handfuls of bajra and a handful of crystal-salt in a bag, warm it over the hot plate and foment the abdomen.

4) If the sufferer is a child, you can apply a pad of cotton wool or cloth steeped in hot water, in which asafoetida has been dissolved. Alternately, one part of turpentine oil and two parts of castor oil can be applied over the abdomen in lukewarm condition. Warmed
castor leaves can also be wrapped over the abdomen.

5) Mixture of two parts of celery seeds (ajamoda) and one part of fennel seeds (saunf) and sugar, taken in doses of half to one teaspoonful, helps relieve fatulence.

6) For children, there is an ‘user friendly’ preparation to use. Take fne powders of 5 parts of rutagraveolens (sadaab), 4 parts of celery seeds (ajamoda), 3 parts of mint (pudina), 1 part of saffron, 2 parts of black pepper, and 10 parts of honey. Keep in fresh bottle and use as and when required, in a dose of one to half teaspoonful.

Our kitchen has all the remedies. Let’s use them at their best for our best 😊❤️

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