Grandma Tips For Chumms

1. Start ghee in milk daily one week before periods: It relieves the vaat dosha hence preventing you from constipation and also in smooth uterine movements
2. Pinch of hing with warm water before your meals one week before chumms: helps to get periods on time.
3. Jaggery, ajwain when heated together and consumed on first two days of periods, help in relieving pre-menstrual cramps and also helps in having adequate flow.
4. Breathing exercises accompanied by mool bandh are best to do in chumms
5. Double the dose of calcium rich foods in periods
6. Most important, Complex Carbohydrates are must to have in periods. Or else your ovaries will get angry with you. Even if you are on LCD, consume good carbs in first half of the day in periods.
Resume LCD from 4th day

Treat your body well
It will give you best:)

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