Gratitude and a step ahead

Thankyou for all the Love to my previous post❤️
I am so glad to realise that so many of you vibrate at spiritual frequencies
I recieved so many messages on how to work towards your goals and desires spiritually!
How can we stay healthy by adding spirituality in our fitness routine!
Well there are many ways. One of them is gratitude 🙂
Let’s do an activity of gratitude to see its live results…
I can assure for all who gonna do this for next one week, will see changes in their health like a magic 😍
Let’s do that for next one week.
When you get up and still in bed, in half slept state
Start rubbing your hands
Start saying to your higher self with increasing energy with every sentence you say:
1. Thankyou for this new day
2. Thankyou that I am alive
3. Thankyou that my family is safe
4. Thankyou that I belong to almighty
5. Thankyou for making my upcoming day best
6. Thankyou for making my life worth living
7. Thankyou for showing up miracles everyday
8. Thankyou for a new opportunity everyday
9. Thankyou for a new success everyday
10. Thankyou for conspiring to fulfill all my wishes like a magic
I trust your timings because your timings are perfect. I know I am going to get everything I desire. Yes yes yes ,💜
Now cup your eyes with your hands and feel the warmth of your energy!
Touch your energetic hands on the body parts you want to heal.
And then get onto your day and expect a miracle❤️❤️

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