Many of you were requesting to post on Ho’oponopono. This is not a detailed post on the therapy and I didn’t plan to put this up today. It just happened while praying for our martyrs and for peace of their souls, I realised that as a practitioner, It becomes my duty and so I should put this up here.
Briefly explaining, according to Hooponopono, there is part in us which is causing the negativity outside, there is that one part in all of us.
Whatever happens outside us is the result of the beliefs present inside us. We need to release those beliefs to achieve what we want.

It can be confusing for you at this point of time but I will come up for its another detailed post soon.
For now, all I can assure you is that this therapy has the power to heal anything and everything. Even terrorism…. You don’t think it can? That’s a limiting belief which needs to be released right now. Let us all release that needs to be released to heal this situation.
Let’s all say this prayer for martyred souls, their families and a better safe country to live in❤️

Dear God my superconscious mind, ,Whatever is inside me which needs to be released, for healing of the families, souls and country which needs healing, for peace and happiness ahead in future always, today I release all those beliefs need to be relased , please help me to release. I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you ❤️

I am sure all of us praying and forwarding this prayer will do wonders.

Love you all❤️

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