How and why Menstrual cycles get affected and irregular in PCO? (According to Ayurvedic Physiology)

PCO is caused by imbalance in all three Doshas. So let’s learn today what is the pattern of imbalance so that root cause treatment becomes easier when we know what deformed first.
Just like our body has three doshas- Vaat, pitta, kapha, it also has seven dhaatus (tissue systems). We will only talk about dhaatus responsible for PCO.

1) Body fluids like lymph and plasma comes under Ras this is affected in PCO (I will discuss how)

2) Fat cells come under meda dhatu (adipose tissues)- this dhaatu is also affected in PCO

3) Menstrual blood and female reproductive system comes under Aartav dhaatu. This is the last channel which is affected

***Now what is the flowchart***
First of all kapha dosha increases by sedentary lifestyle, anything which is cold will suppress stomach heat (digestive fire), so when kapha (cold) increases, it suppresses digestive fire,
digestion is not proper,
undigested food becomes a toxin.
The increased kapha combines with the toxins and get carried to the blood stream and to all the channels blocking major dhaatus which we just discussed

So first Rasa dhaatu gets affected due to which mood swings and body lethargy is there
Then med dhatu gets affected which leads to obesity
Then Aartav dhaatu gets affected which causes irregular cycles

Now you know that if you want to treat PCO, first remove the word sedentary from your lifestyle. Side by side, start getting yourself treated for better digestion so that toxins are not formed and the complete process will not occur. That means vicious cycle of PCO will be broken by these two steps
I repeat again
1. Active lifestyle
2. Improving Digestion

So simple!
Relax and stay proactive ❤️

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