How to Get Through An Emotional Trigger

Source: Holistic Pysochologist

1. Breathe 3 Full Deep Belly Breaths:

When we are triggered, we have entered into our past unresolved trauma. Our breath allows us to regulate the body (nervous system) as we begin to relate to this intense energy in a new way.

2. Witness the Ego Tantrum as an Observer:

When triggered, the ego becomes most reactive. This is a positive thing!

Our ego is stepping in to to create a story to protect us from past pain, but we need to feel this pain.

Practice asking: “If I could name what this makes me feel, I would name this” (note: it takes repetition)

3. Practice Self Acceptance:

What you feel is valid. It’s meaningful.
You might witness yourself saying “I need to get over this” or “this shouldn’t upset me”

Mantra: I am safe to feel this experience.

Such a beautiful experience to feel this
Isn’t it?

Mindfulness is wisdom
Mindfulness is love
Breathing is everything ❤️

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