Hyper Acidity

Everyone knows that excessive secretion of acid leads to hyperacidity.
Inside the stomach, nutrients are broken into small units for the purpose of assimilation. The stomach can digest things similar to its own structure and composition. The process of digestion takes place because of many different gastric secretions, which are highly acidic.

These cells have a special permeability barrier, which does not let anything permeate. If this is challenged with certain foods like too much tea, coffee, alcohol or certain chemical drugs, especially some pain-relieving and anti-arthritic drugs, then this will be weakened or damaged.

As a result, the highly acidic medium, which prevails in the stomach, traverses the stomach wall, thus causing pain and discomfort. If the same thing is repeated again and again, it may give rise to acidity and gastritis thereby inflaming the lining of the stomach.

***Ayurveda calls this condition as ‘amla pitta**

To understand the disease amla pitta, one has to understand the concept of ‘agni’. Ayurveda has described this agni as fire of life. In other words, ‘agni’ is the fire that cooks or digests the food.

A normal ‘agni’ means a healthy person and conversely, an abnormal agni is a sure pointer to disease.

At times, this ‘agni’ may be impaired due to wrong lifestyle. This impaired ‘agni’ shows effect on ‘pitta’, ‘Amla pitta’ is the by-product of this defective process.
“It is difficult to produce fire either without fire logs or with too many fire logs occupying the whole furnace.” The same is the case with digestive fire. This will be hampered either with low amounts of Agni which is called (mandaagni) or with high amounts (teekshnaagni). Amla pitta is the resultant of teekshnaagni, says Ayurveda.

As we know that acidity is due to improper regimen, it can be easily tackled by following simple methods:
• It is clear that amla pitta is mainly due to aggravation of pitta. Factors responsible for aggravation of this pitta dosha are excessive intake of pungent and sour food items, alcoholic preparations, salt, hot and sharp stuff which cause burning sensations.
Emotional reasons for pitta includes Anger and fear and stress. Another factor is excessive exposure to sun and fire, long gaps in meals.

• As a rule, all persons with acidity can take a milk diet excellently, although some, at first have trouble in absorbing milk. This is because the large amount of acid in the stomach forms hard curds combined with the proteins of the milk. Often these are vomited. Yet milk is excellent in the condition, especially when preceded by a fast, adjusted to your general condition.

• The milk diet should be adhered to several weeks if possible. Along with this, drink warm water freely. Ayurveda insists on this because, according to it, “hot destroys hot” (ushnam ushnena hanti). Moreover, it has been found by physiological experiments that cold water increases the amount of acid secreted in the stomach. When the stomach seems to be in better condition, the milk may be taken with an evening meal consisting of easily digestible and non-irritating foods.

• It is important not to overeat, but to take small meals, three times a day. Avoid artificial stimulants, all of which raise pitta. Alcohol, in any form, is like throwing fuel on the pitta fre. The drawback of the caffeine in coffee and tea is that it increases acid production in stomach if consumed excessively.

• Even an excess intake of sweets can cause acidity as the sugar causes fermentation and produces acid in the stomach, particularly if wrongly combined with other food types.

• Avoid salt, oil, pickles, curd, fried foods, sour foods like tamarind, etc., all of which heat the body.

• To bring down aggravated pitta, a standard recommendation is to take two teaspoonfuls of ghee in a glass of warm milk. This also acts as a laxative, which helps fush excess pitta from the system.
Ayurveda recommends this laxation (virechana karma) to be the best therapy to correct the aggravated pitta.

• Coconut water is exceptionally good is this condition.

In coming articles we will discuss the stomach conditions one by one. And the home remedies and lifestyle changes to control them

Always remember
You can reverse any acquired disease because disease is nothing but a dis-ease of mind. So change in mindset will help you to work towards your lifestyle goals 😊

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