Irregular Menstrual cycles

What is the actual meaning of regular and irregular Menstrual cycles? When does this condition need the treatment?
Length of normal Menstrual cycle is 28 days plus or minus 8 days. Which means cycles every 20 days is also normal or 36 days is also fine or any number between 20 to 36 days provided they are coming regularly.
So if you think you have 36 days of cycle, and you need treatment, then it’s not really true! That’s how your body is set with the mechanical of this.
Now there are cases where cycles come after every two months or every 45 days.
If their period is fixed, then yes, it is also a regular cycle. You only need medical intervention here if there are any cysts or fibroids.
If there is any fluctuation in dates. For example, in first month, gap between two cycles is 20 days, and suddenly no periods in second month and then again twice in third month, this needs treatment and accurate diagnosis.
So ladies, if your cycles come every 20 days or every 40 days but the length of gap of cycle is fixed, please stay relaxed. Let You body decide its comfortable cycle span.

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