Just a piece of information regarding Ayurveda..!

Our body is made up of many systems, but that does not mean that every system needs a different doctor.
It is very disturbing sometimes to see a patient taking 8 medicines from 3 different doctors to remove the issues which have one common reason.
Just like If you have several problems like bloating, knee or joint pain, and eczema, Ayurveda doesn’t need three different specialists: Orthopedician, gastroenterologist, and dermatologist for this.

All these issues have one reason and that is the elevated Vaata Level which is the root cause. So if we reduce vaat, eventually digestion improves, the joint pains get better, and the dryness over his skin is decreased, which helps in eczema.
Thus, there are no different doctors here treating a single body.

This post is not to make anyone or any doctor feel offended but this is a request to the patients that you should stick to one doctor with complete faith and give their medicine time to act on body. Along with medicines, heal your body with your diet and lifestyle. Let medicines work their own, meanwhile you explore your health by healthy means.

I always say to my patients, your body has potential to heal itself, don’t suppress that potential by loading it with too many medications unless you are suffering from some life endangering disease.

Rather the fact is, if you explore your health in one healthy way daily, you won’t face any issue.
Now here, healthy way doesn’t mean to start having karela juice in morning or apple cider vinegar empty stomach, it just means
* having home cooked food in appropriate portions,
*making breathing exercise as a regular part of your life,
*Meditating daily for at least 10 minutes to connect to your inner self
*Consuming fluids at least 1.5 litres a day
*Not following every diet you hear or see people following
*Most important, loving yourself and loving your body to be there for you whenever you need it.

Treat your body well…it will treat you best ❤️❤️

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