Kidney Facts

I have seen people focussing on eating green leafy vegetables when they suffer from Kidney Disease. Especially sone leaf decoction as home remedies.
But a major sad fact which hardly anyone knows is that High Creatinine is alarming condition for kidneys but not life threatening, whereas High Potassium can be life threatening condition.
All green leafy vegetables have High Potassium in their leaves
So if anyone you know is suffering from Kidney Disease, make sure they soak the leaves in watm water for 20 minutes and drain that water and then cook it.
Please avoid all the leaf kaarhaas in kidney diseases
Kidney disorders are manageable to large extent provided these cautions to be taken.
Please don’t blindly follow forwarded whatsapp messages of home remedies of such life endangering conditions.
Talk to your doctor and expert of same and then consume anything

Stay Aware
Stay Healthy:)

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