Law of Attraction..!

Every successful person and every wanna be successful person believes in Law Of Attraction. While you’re probably familiar with the standard visualization techniques suggested by most proponents of the Law of Attraction, you may not be aware that a huge range of mindfulness exercises can be adapted to help you manifest your goals.

Here is one fascinating mindfulness exercise that can be the most effective. Along with an explanation of why it’s so useful when you’re working with the Law of Attraction.

The Empty Bowl

Begin this mindfulness technique by placing your hands on your knees, with the palms up and open. Slow your breathing, and start to focus on your inhalations and exhalations. After a few minutes, follow the direction of the air.
As you breathe in, follow the path of the air into your nose, throat, lungs, heart, and down to the navel (where the breath pauses—pause with it). As you exhale, follow the breath once again, in reserve this time (until it leaves your body, when there will be a second natural pause).

In those two pauses—at the navel, and one as air leaves your body—you become “like an empty bowl”. Everything should feel still, quiet and peaceful. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you like, and it should leave you more centered and focused.

It is particularly useful if you need to calm racing thoughts, or if you need to get into a positive, determined frame of mind before taking the next step in your Law of Attraction journey.

Now when you feel that emptiness, this is the Zero State of Mind and you know what….God resides in Zero thought state. Zero thought state of mind is a state which is as pure as creation.

After repeating this exercise for few times, pick up your journal and pen your gratitude for desires you have.

You will attract miracle and you will come up with your own magic stories ❤️
Wish you all the best

Have a mindful day❤️❤️

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