Loose Weight Wisely

Let’s talk about practical solution today.
What you need to calculate:
You need to calculate your daily calorie I take to maintain your weight
You might be taking more than these calories and so you are gaining weight
You might be taking less than these calories so you are losing muscle (but no help in fat)

Just multiply your weight in pounds with 12 and find out your daily maintainence calorie intake.

For example you weight in pounds is 150 lb
Multiplying it by 12 gives you 1800 which is your requirement to maintain your current weight.

Now while designing a low carb diet, ensure that 30% of this energy should come from carbohydrates. So 540 calories out of 1800 calories should come from carbohydrates. One gram of carbs give 4 calories of energy so for 540 calories you need to consume 135gms if carbs per day
Similarly, 35% of these calories should come from fats. Which means 630 calories should be from fat. One GM of fat provides 9 calories of energy so that means daily fat intake here should be 70gms.

Here make sure that the sources of fat should be healthy like avocado, peanut butter, olive oil, coconut milk, cashews, eggs and almonds

Rest of the calories should come from Proteins as macros and rest of micros

You can use healthify me app for counting calories and macros

Now coming to weight loss steps :
1. Create a diet as explained above and follow it for two weeks
2. If you lose weight in these two weeks, continue the same diet till you keep losing
3. If you gain weight in these two weeks, that means you were taking less calories than required, reduce calorie intake by 20% every two weeks.
Divide proportion of macros in same way as explained
For example
If you are 150 pounds and you followed the diet of 1800 calories with low carb moderate fats and moderatebprotein diet but gained weight, reduce 360 calories and start taking 1440 calories for next week’s. Divide the macro in same way
30% Carbs
35% fats
40% proteins
You will see loss in weight over the period of next two weeks

4. Now if your weight remains the same, reduce calories by 10% every two weeks to lose weight.
You will start losing.

Make sure you don’t go below 1200 calories
That’s the basic requirement of body as per macros

Use accurate apps while designing your diet
Learn to understand your body and you will see that you body has started understanding you

Love self❤️

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