Micro-meditation series 4

I am sure self talk and self Compassion did majority of work. Now coming to the inner monkey chatter of mind. How to control thoughts and most of all how to control negative thoughts
The fact is there is no need to control them.
Yes right
You just have to witness them and let them pass. Here are the tricks

Accept your thoughts as “just thoughts.” As you go through your day, you may notice that your mind often creates disturbing mental stories and scenarios. That’s because, to quote Zen practitioner Jack Kornfield, “The mind has no shame.” When these odd or upsetting thoughts come up, neutralize them by telling yourself, “Just thoughts.” Then take a deep breath to counter any stress that your mental chatter may have caused and re-focus on the present moment.

Amazing tip: An immediate counter to any negative though: A big clap.
Yes whenever you get aware that you are thinking something you don’t want, interfere it with a big clap 😀you will see all those thoughts dissapearing instantly and you will find yourself at peace inside 🙂

To be little more mindful, Practice watching your thoughts pass by, as if you were watching a parade.
By witnessing your thoughts and emotions, you can discover a lot about yourself — your preoccupations, needs, worries, and values, among others.
Some themes will emerge over and over. You will also begin to notice that your emotions and thoughts change and dissolve over time.

“This too shall pass”

It is a motto that accurately describes the flow of our mental activity. You don’t actually have to join the parade of thoughts; you can choose what to notice.
Choice is yours
Suppressions leads to diseases
Expressions leads to arguements
So choose to react without reactions
Choose to work on yourself rather than working on the situations

I am sure life will become very exciting once you start practicing Mindfulness ❤️

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