Micro-meditation series 3

#Self Talk

Offer yourself some mindful self-compassion. If you notice that your mind is conjuring up scenarios that make you anxious or angry, give yourself some reassuring words. A little self-compassion goes a long way to calm an agitated spirit.


“May I be kind to myself in this difficult moment” is an example of self-talk that is short and soothing.

“May I be open to accept that all this pain is temperory and is in the process of transforming into love and light”

“May I choose faith over all the fears because divine is perfect, so his timings are perfect, so every situation he creates is perfect. I am sure there is something good hidden beneath this situation too. I am ready for the best to happen”

So you can create your own self talks which cool you down and keep repeating as if your mind is your child and you are reassuring him by showing him some compassion 🙂

I am waiting for all of you to post your results ❤️

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