Micro meditations !

Let’s learn mindful ways to combat stress in few seconds
These are called micro mediations
You can do these even when you are on the go
You can do these anywhere, anytime and they work instantly
Best for beginners
Let’s learn one by one

Notice your emotions
Noticing put emotions on hold mode. Try this

Recognize the signs of your personal stress response.
Is your mind racing?
Is your heart rate elevated?
Are your fists clenched?

Train yourself to use stress as a cue that you need to put one or more of the actions below into effect.
Just noticing your stress can help you feel better, once you realize that you have a choice of what to do about it.
This is called labelling of the emotions. It helps instantly to reduce their intensity.

Practice this for one day of tomorrow
Will post second micro-meditation on Monday

Stay tuned💕

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