Mindful Eating

What is mindfulness?
Staying present with what you are doing is mindfulness.
Normally whenever we eat or for that matter, whatever we do, we are actually not present thoroughly in that moment. Watching Tv while eating, reading text messages while drinking coffee, all these are distractions for mindful eating
Have you ever thought of making a healthy relationship with food?
Yes this sounds funny. But that’s truth that we share a relationship with everything…whether it’s living or non living.
We will discuss it in detail in upcoming posts
Let’s only talk about food and eating today.
If you want to experience that highness you get by mindful eating, here are few tips for you❤️

1. Spare five minutes initially to spend of one food may be a fruit, or a dry fruit or a meal or drink.
2. Sit in a silent place with no disturbance
3. Turn off TV or mobile to avoid distractions.
4. Place food in front of you and see it mindfully… Use your first sense organ in their process- Your eyes. See its colour, see its presentation, see how delicious it looks.
5. Touch the plate/glass/bowl/food bite
Use your next organ- Skin. It’s the largest sense organ of our body. Feel the touch. Hot or cold or hard or soft.
6. Bring it close to your mouth, use Third sense organ- Nose
Smell it…how it smells. Stay present with your mouth juices secretions when you will see, touch or smell it. Feel your body preparing to consume the food
7. Take the first bite/sip of the food. As soon as it touches the tongue, use your next sense organ to taste it and stay present in chewing and in observing how it’s changing form and taste while you do this.
Chew it 32 times
8. When you swallow it, use the sensations if throat… And feel how easy or difficult was to swallow.
Repeat the process till you finish this meal
Once you are finished with your meal, close eyes, take a deep breath and see your food in your stomach ready for absorption and assimilation.
That’s it
Though it seems to be a long process, trust me it doesn’t take more than five minutes if you are having a fruit. Start with a mini meal first. Like a fruit or a dry fruit.
You will see your health improving
Your sense organs will feel loved when you will give so much attention to them
Many of you may not understand this post. But I am surely whoever will understand, will implement and will show the results.

Once you are habitual of mindful eating, you will never fluctuate in your body and mind weight 🙂

Stay blessed❤️20

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