Nature has everything in it to heal..!

On daily basis, we women, while working in kitchen keep getting burns so much that now we are used to them and ignore minor burns.
But sometimes, there is a major burn accidently which needs to be treated immediately.
Treatment doesn’t mean taking antibiotics or applying silverx immediately. Primary treatment concern is to stop the burning sensation and then think of secondary line of treatment depending on intensity of burn. Ideally, secondary line of treatment should be left on your doctor if burn is major.
You just need to know first aid in this case. Which is so simple that you require no ingredients to get available at home.
Many people apply ice.

Research shows that applying ice cubes to minor scalds can actually do more harm than good. This is because extremely cold temperatures (like frozen water) can have a frostbite-type effect that damages the surface of the skin.

You should also avoid greasy home remedies like butter or mayonnaise as they can trap heat, which means the skin continues to burn.

On a burned area, it would be best to use running cool (tap) water. Keep the area under running tap water for regular 20 minutes to 40 minutes again depending on burn type.
You can meantime Take some pain relief medication, and apply loose gauze to protect the area from germs.

That’s all you need to to do…medicate it with running tap water.

(Another thing which helps is cold wheat flour. You can make it a habit of keeping some wheat flour in refrigerator to use in emergency.)

Nature has everything in it to heal:)
Stay natural!!

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