Never give up..!

I get so many patients for counselling where I witness the fear of failures, failures in relationship,failures in business, career, family, exams. I read a wonderful author Robert who once said that Failure is actually not a reality
It’s a feedback from the universe…to what needs to be eliminated in the process to achieve success
He gave a very simple example: When Thomas Edison was making light bulb, he was connecting and reconnecting circuits…not to face failures for so many times but to understand, which circuit will work best to give it a light.
When asked to him, how do you feel about failing so many times,
He replied “It was not a failure. It was a long process of success”
If you see famous brands like KFC, and look insight of their true lives, you will know what kind of misery they had faced in their life before achieving success
So not getting desired results never means failure, it just means that you need to change strategy towards success
Obviously when you climbing stairs to reach the destination, your legs will hurt but that’s the true sign that you climbing up and not down…
That’s the process of reaching out to the destination

Please never give up .. life is all about starting from somewhere, taking that one step ahead… so that God takes millions more steps towards you..
Try it ..
Universe always has your back 🙂
Lots of love ❤️❤️

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