Night Shifts and Diet Management

Living work life of Night shifts means going against the nature. We all should try to make sure we don’t go against the timings nature has planned for us regarding meals, exercise and sleep!!
But the fact is, today some choices are beyond our control!!! So doing night shifts has become an option-less work profile. Such work pattern increases stress which welcomes weight gain. I have drafted a diet plan with which metabolism will stay boosted even at nights when you are awake.
Set a golden rule: Have more and more of herbal tea at night itself when you are awake!! If you don’t have herbal tea, have plain jeera water by boiling 1tsf of jeera in 1 cup of water.
Make it and carry in thermas to have thrice in night!!
Let’s come on plan now!!!

Meal 1
7.00 – 8.00 pm
Vegetable khichadi 1 bowl
With tomato salad 1bowl

Meal 2
10.00-11 Pm
Jeera water with 5 almonds

Meal 3
1.00 am to 2 am
Fruit salad 1 medium bowl
Fruit juice 1 glass
Coconut water

Meal 4
3.30 – 4.00 am
Jeera water 1 cup
Roasted channa 1 small cup

Meal 5:
5.30 – 6.00 am
Milk 1 glass
Apple or banana 1

6:30 -11:15: Sleep sound

Meal 6
11.30 – 12.30 pm
Salad 1 bowl
Phulka 2
Mix veg sabji / chiken / fish prep 1 bowl
Daal 1 bowl
Warm water with lemon 1 glass

Meam 7
3:00 pm
Buttermilk 1 cup

Meal 8
5.00 Pm
egg white omelet 2
Brown bread Toast 1
1 veg stuffed parantha with tea

Please don’t be curious about timings. You can adjust timings according to your time of shift. But make sure to keep this pattern!!
I know proper meal here is only once a day because body will take time to even digest that.
But you can see, i have covered all the nutrients required for our body.
You will feel more energetic and less stressed with this diet plan!!!

Stay committed😊

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