Obesity and PCO

One of the key factors now being realized in modern medicine in relation to PCO is hyperinsulinemia – increased levels of insulin in the blood. This indicates a direct link between obesity and PCO as an increased level of insulin in the blood is due to de-sensitivity of cells to insulin, a factor present in diabetes mellitus type II.
Increased insulin in the blood stimulates androgen secretion by the ovarian stroma –the connective tissue of the ovary and reduces serum sex hormone–binding globin (SHBG) causing increased levels of free testosterone which is male hormone
Due to the presence of increased male androgen in the ovary, the follicle undergoing maturation in the ovary cycle is affected causing anovulation of that particular follicle. The presence of insulin also the process of natural occurring death of a defective cell; of the follicle causing the follicle to continue to survive whereas under normal circumstance it would have perished.
So the defective follicle which should have perished continues to grow and sustain in their case making multiple cysts.
Now can you relate step wise all the symptoms and causes which leads to one another. Cysts are last to happen rather
Obesity leading to hyper-insulinaemia which further causes increase in make hormones. This hormonal imbalance cause anovulatory phase of follicles which develop cysts.
So please understand it’s not the condition of PCO which causes obesity, it’s vice versa 🙂
It’s obesity causing insulin resistant PCO
I have seen patients losing weight and never showing any symptom of PCO again.

In next post, we will discuss Ayurvedic view point of PCO.
I will also explain the Doshas responsible for this condition
Let’s take baby steps and understand completely
Stay tuned ❤️

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