Painkillers and Acidity

Why painkillers cause acidity?
Let’s understand it in a simpler way

Painkillers reduce the production of hormone prostaglandin. The function of this hormone is to produce mucus in stomach to neutralise acid.

So when it will be produced in less quantity, stomach acid will start burning stomach lining which will further cause acidity.

In Vaat or kapha prakruti, symptoms of heart burn may not appear. But still the same process is happening inside and patient comes to know directly when ulceration happens.

In pitta prakruti, heart burn with pain killers is quite common and is a confirmed indication that your body needs coolants to combat this burning of stomach lining.

That’s why long term use of pain killers will lead to stomach ulcers

But there come a time, when there is no choice other than taking pain killers. So how will you avoid the ulceration

💚💚Best and most convenient remedy to this is consuming 200ml of coconut water and 35 ml of Aloevera juice while on the course of pain killers💚💚

I will again repeat
Your body talks to you
Learn to listen 😊❤️

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