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#CleanseInsideOut 🙂

Cleanse from the inside out

Many patients come to me and ask me to give them panchkarma to stay healthy. Today in this post, I will tell you why do we need cleansing and how can we do that at home without taking aggressive cleansing from any physician. (There are conditions where you require aggressive panchkarma through an expert but for healthy individuals, it can be done as nitya-panchkarma by themseIves at home.

According to Ayurveda, The build-up of ama — digestive toxins resulting from improper digestion — in the physiology is, according to ayurveda, the root cause of most disorders. That’s worth repeating: The build-up of ama is the root cause of most disorders.

Improper digestion can be the result of a few habits:

1. Reason: Eating late in the evening when the body is ready for rest and not prepared for the heavy work of digestion.

Solution: Eat a lighter, well-cooked meal at least three hours before bed, and try to be in bed around 10:00 p.m. or before.

2. Eating raw veggies or heavy meats that are harder to digest.

3. Having weak digestion, due to an imbalance, or due to stress in our lives.

4. Poor hydration. When the body is not hydrated, it cannot remove impurities from the lymph system properly. Blood production and flow may be negatively affected, possibly inhibiting our body’s ability to carry and maintain oxygen and nutrients.

Completing a cleanse during every change of seasons, to detox and rid the body of ama, is recommended for optimal health.

Detoxing is particularly recommended in the early spring season, because that is the time nature starts the annual cycle of regeneration as well.

Cleansing at home:

1. Nitya vaman: (Self emesis)
Can be done every morning after brushing by adding half teaspoon of rock salt in warm water and gargling with that water and trying to vomit the mucus out.

2. Nitya-virechan: (Laxation)
One tsf Castor oil in hot milk at night will give mild virechan effects in morning.
It can be done thrice a week.

3. Nitya Vasti:
Pesseries of glycerine inserting to anus is a safe way for having vasti.
Can be done once in fifteen days safely

4. Nasya: Almond oil drops every night in both nostrils are very very effective in keeping nostrils cleanse from mucus and other foreign particles.

5. Shiro-virechan: Head massage followed by steam on head is a wonderful shiro-virechan in modern form.
Can be done once a week.

During cleansing, we can eat light, yet nourishing foods such as mung bean soup or kichari, and drink lots of warm water through the day.
Sip detox tea or ama pachana water.

Fresh, sweet juicy fruits are excellent cleansers.

So simple to cleanse ourselves inside out.
Understand one thing, solutions to all our problems are within us..
Take one step ahead and your body will take 5 steps towards health!

Stay healthy
Stay Aware❤️❤️

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