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Let’s see first what is the reason for weight gain in Insulin resistant PCO.

Insulin also happens to be the hormone that makes our bodies store body fat, which is why a lot of women with PCO find it nearly impossible to lose weight, while others often accumulate excess lower stomach fat despite being otherwise thin.

Now since our insulin levels are controlled by what we eat, if we can implement the right diet for PCO and eat in a way that keeps our insulin levels lower, all our PCO symptoms will be improved.

The characteristic feature of PCO is
Chronic low-grade inflammation which means our immune systems are constantly on amber alert. While inflammation is good if you happen to be injured, when it happens all the time it leads to many of the serious long term health risks that are associated with PCO.
Especially results are the Things we don’t want to think about normally like heart disease, liver disease and cancer etc.

Other results of inflammation in PCO

Things like bloating, sinus congestion, low energy, brain fog, sore joints, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Given this unfortunate starting point, it makes perfect sense that when choosing what to eat, women with PCOS need to avoid pro-inflammatory foods, and eat more of the things that are rich in natural antioxidants instead.

So Mantra No 1:

*****Avoid Fad Diets*****

Yes, Restriction Diets Don’t Work For PCOS

The most important misconception I want you to forget is this seemingly universal belief that you need to restrict your calories if you want to lose weight.

It’s simply not true for women with PCOS and avoiding restriction diets is both one of the most effective, yet radical elements of a sustainable PCOS friendly diet.

Please understand that body fat accumulates because of poor insulin regulation and NOT because of excess energy in your diet, then it should be pretty obvious that restriction dieting will never work.

Since PCOS is the cause of weight gain, reducing your calories is a bit like putting your dirty socks in the dishwasher. You’re simply using the wrong tool for the job. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not keeping up with our current understanding of how PCOS works.

I will explain you all diet tools one by one so that you get time to implement in your life. Let’s take baby steps and achieve success

Stay tuned❤️

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