Madhuwin (120 tablets)

Madhuwin (120 tablets)


  • It helps control blood sugar levels very effectively and very safely.
  • Recommended for Pre-diabetes
  • Helps regulate insulin reception in the body naturally
  • Helps lower assimilation of dietary sugar
  • Helps achieve substantial control slowly over HbA1C levels
  • Helps improve digestion and clears constipation
  • Helps increase resistance power to improve immunity
  • Helps prevent complications and tones up functions of the kidney, and helps protect vital organs from oxidative damage.

Madhuwin is indicated for:

a) Management of high blood sugar levels

b) Weight management

c) Boosting immunity

d) Reduction in fatigue

e) Excess hunger

f) Healthy insulin response and glycemic control.

g) Reducing mood swings due to cravings for sugary foods and helps normalize energy levels as typically seen in type II Diabetes patients


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