Ready for second micro-meditation?

After you become aware of your feelings, now
Put your emotions into words. “Stressed.” “Anxious.” “Furious.”

Researches shows that naming your emotions has an immediate calming effect.
Putting words to feelings shifts some of your brain activity from the emotional areas to the thinking areas of your brain.

The formal name for this process is “affect labeling,” which involves attaching a label to the messy combination of physical and mental upset you experience. Doing so allows you to “cool down” your feelings and manage them better.

Your feelings will not disappear; nor do you want them to. You need all your feelings to signal you about the dangers and opportunities you face from without and within.

But you don’t want your feelings to overwhelm you, and labeling helps prevent that.

If you can’t find the precise word or words to describe your feelings, no problem:
Consider, and recite, the four basic feelings—

Choose the one that fits.

In the same way you hit the brake when you’re driving when you see a yellow light,
Similarly when you put feelings into words, you seem to be hitting the brakes on your emotional responses.”

“Hitting the brakes” is beneficial because it can keep you from responding impulsively, drowning in negative feelings, or becoming aggressive in a counter-productive way.

Soothing negative emotions may also help you keep your eyes on your goals and increase self-control.

So easy and beautiful ❤️
Now next time, when you feel hyper, Name your emotion, observe it, witness it, and you will see at every step, it’s intensity is going down gradually

More you feel happy inside, more you recieve happiness from outside
And meditation is the mantra to stay happy inside💕

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