Reason to have last main meal before more than 2 hours of getting to bed !!

Experts advised that adults should never eat within two hours of bedtime – and ideally not after 7pm.

In a healthy person, blood pressure drops by at least 10 per cent when they go to sleep
But the results of a study of more than 700 people with high blood pressure found that eating within two hours of bedtime meant their levels stayed high.
Experts think this is because eating releases a rush of stress hormones when the body should be starting to relax.

People who do not see their blood pressure fall at night are known as ‘non-dippers’ – and have a much higher rate of heart-related death.
Late eaters were nearly three times more likely to be died with heart attack in sleep,the Turkish researchers found.

Researches say ‘If we eat late at night, the body essentially remains on high alert as during the day, rather than relaxing for sleep’

Previous research has found that an early dinner reduces the risk of breast cancer, lowers blood sugar levels, and helps burn off calories.

One reason to this might be that before the intervention of electricity, pattern was eating before darkness. So Experts think part of the reason is that the body evolved to expect meals much earlier in the day – because people went to sleep when it got dark. So the invention of electricity changed that – introducing ‘erratic’ eating patterns.

You can easily relate as to why our ancestors never thought of some diseases would even exist which have become common in this era.

Think over it!
Stay aware!!

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