Regulation of tastes

Madhur, Aml, Lavan, Katu, Tikt, kashaay 😊
Does anyone know what’s it all about?
These are the six tastes known to human senses.
Madhur: Sweet
Aml: Sour
Lavan: Salty
Katu: Pungent
Tikt: Bitter
Kashaay: Astringent

We can achieve a balance in our body doshas by regulating these tastes in a same pattern as they are mentioned.

Just an example :
Madhur Ras is mentioned to have first in meal. But we have deserts as the last part of the meal. That’s why Diabetes is called a lifestyle disorder!!
You will be shocked to know that even if fruits are consumed post meal, their fructose gets converted into cholesterol which gets deposited in arteries. Fruits are said to have their best effect if eaten in morning empty stomach:: The first meal of the day!!
Every key is in our diet!! We can heal ourselves with diet😊😊
Stay aware.. Stay healthy😍

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