Relationships and anxiety – This valentine’s let’s talk about connections

On this Valentine, let’s talk about Relationships

#Relationships and Anxiety

Many people we see and meet, they always stay anxious in their relationships. It confuses me so much and I wonder whether do we make relationships to be happy or to invite unhappiness for lifetime

Most of you must be feeling that we suffer in relationships because we are being treated bad.
I would say No.. we suffer in any relationship, because we allow ourselves to suffer
People treat us the way they want to treat us. It’s their free will and we cannot mess with that but how we take that treatment, is completely on us and we can change the same suffering into love and light within ourselves if we become mindful about what relationships are!

You must have heard people saying about their partners “I feel complete with him/her”
Does that mean you are incomplete in yourself?
Does that mean you are with them for your own reasons to feel complete?
And does that mean if the other person won’t be able to give you your desired time, you will again feel incomplete and will blame them for your incompleteness?
A conscious relationship is the one where two complete people share their completeness with each other. So all we have to do is work on ourselves everyday to be complete in ourselves.

When you do this, you slowly start discovering a new person inside you which is getting free of ego and insecurities.
You start loving yourself more and you seek others validation less.
Your aura becomes so huge that you start attracting conscious relationships and complete people. ❤️❤️

Always remember, an unconscious relationship is a toxic one.
You cannot work on the relationship, you cannot work on other person.
Happiness is yours so you need to work on yourself only.

Lots of love and strength 😊🙏

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