Self-love: The most important gift ❤️

#Listen to your body❤️It communicates 😊

One of the most common question my patients ask me:

“People who party every alternate day, ones who smoke and drink on regular basis, they are happy but I workout daily, I try to eat my best, still I face so many health issues”

Who can relate with it?
I am sure, most of you!

Now understand one thing.
First of all your body has a life. Each and every cell is living and so you are living. So if your cells are alive, your organs are alive and they also listen to what all you crib about
Don’t curse your body

Rather understand that if you are facing any health issues again and again, again and again, your body is trying to communicate with you, it is trying to tell you that you need to take care about yourself, that you need a change in your lifestyle.
Don’t take any healthy issue as an issue, take it as a conversation with your body.
Find out with your doctor, what deficiencies your body is facing, be kind with your words when you use them for your own organs
And I guarantee you, your body will respond
To every little change that you will make to keep it healthy and happy.

I strongly believe that your body is your first child. Treat it as a child, feed good things, feed good thoughts, don’t curse your child, don’t crib about it, rather try to give lots of love for being there in your all phases, for working continuously 24/7 even when you sleep,
Little kindness towards your own self will give your huge results

Being self-centred might not be good but having self-love is the most important gift you can give to your child

Love yourself ❤️ the way you love your child 😊

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